1. Amber says:

    Reading this on an afternoon when my parents randomly volunteered to give me a few hours without the kids. Sobbing. Thank you for seeing mothers so well.

  2. Simone Arsenault-May says:

    So so so so so wonderful & brave & wise! Thank you!!!

  3. […] Why We “Sabotage” Our Precious Little Alone Time as Mothers by Beth Berry from Revolution From Home […]

  4. Sally says:

    Your list really resonated with something I’ve been trying to explain over the past couple of months. Points 3 and 5 are the main ones I find that limit my ability to engage in activities for myself.

    Whilst I get a regular half day to myself every weekend, I keep on feeling so tired that I can’t actually do any of things I really want to do for myself. I’m still in the process of working out how to get a couple of shorter (but still uninterrupted) ‘rest’ breaks during the week, so that I am able to do other things when I get the opportunity.

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