1. Beth Shaha says:

    You are awesome. Like. I’m in Awe. And I’ll take Some of what she’s having. Keep shining your light.

  2. Aleah Lawrence-Pine says:

    Every time I see an email in my inbox from Beth I know I’m about to receive so much clarity around the ways in which I’ve been struggling. This post did not disappoint. This is the most comprehensive, inteligible and compassionate synthesis of everything that I’ve been feeling about motherhood that I’ve read maybe ever. Thanks you Beth for continually shining your love light on all of the mamas. 💗

  3. Jess says:

    Wow, there is so much wisdom here, I just highlighted half of the post! Thank you so much for ALL of it. I feel seen. And angry (but that’s ok)

  4. mel says:

    Beth, thank you so much for your words! Reading them, I feel immediately so much lighter.

  5. Fernanda says:

    Really touching, thank you so much for this article beth, we should think the other way, and get some time out for ourselves.

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