Your soul work is incredibly important and worthy.
The world needs mothers thriving, shining, and sharing our gifts. 

REPLAY OF Boundary Setting for Open-Hearted Mothers

Are you a mother who spends a lot of time focused on growth and healing? Would you like to learn how to protect your time, energy, and emotional capacity, so that you can use these vital resources to make a bigger difference in your family, in your community, and in the world? 

In this 1.5 hour mini-workshop replay, I’ll show you why and how to set better boundaries with everyone in your life (including your multi-passionate self!) so you can stop feeling constantly overwhelmed, inadequate, and resentful. 

You’ll walk away with...
✔ an understanding of why boundary setting is different for moms, and especially for those of us who are changemakers and cyclebreakers
✔ ways (and actual phrases) to kindly say “no” that honor your limited capacity
✔ tools for tending to the guilt you feel when you do set a boundary
✔ specific ways to set boundaries with the difficult people in your life who you also depend on
✔ a personal understanding of how your body feels when it alerts you of a “hell yes” or a “hell no,” and ways to better tap into that intuition amid all the noise + familial and cultural conditioning

$37 mini-workshop

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This is a supportive, accessible, and affordable online space where mothers who are fed up with the status quo can have meaningful dialogue and connection that supports our growth, healing, and liberation (and thus, the growth, healing, and liberation of those we love).

The Virtual Village is for you if you’re looking for:
✔ Access to an entire village of growth-minded mothers.
✔ Workshops, support calls, ceremonies + more.
✔ Intimate stories, shares, and education in support of getting real, connecting vulnerably and courageously, and fueling our soulfires.
✔ Opportunities to come together as a village in our monthly “Community Conversation” and seasonal “Ask Me Anything” calls.




MotherWorthy is an intimate, year-long virtual program designed for changemaker mothers who are fed up with the status quo, ready to get real, and inspired to cultivate change from the inside out. 

It’s for mothers who refuse to settle for the isolation, perfectionism, and judgment that plagues modern-day motherhood, and who are willing to get messy and courageous in pursuit of a better way for themselves, for other mothers the world over, and for generations to come.

MotherWorthy is for you if you’re looking for:
✔ Soul Circles – Three Zoom calls per month facilitated by Beth + RFH facilitators. (We were Zooming for years before it became all the rage!)
✔ Monthly themes and curriculum designed to support you in not only thriving, but being the change you wish to see in the world.
✔ The unique opportunity to grow a sense of connection and intimacy. with a group of women (through your own process of self-growth).




Revillagers is a self-paced virtual course with LIVE support that aids mothers in creating the rich communities and life-giving connections they long for and deserve.

Revillagers is for you if you’re looking for:

✔ Practical tools and mindset shifts that you need in order to create the connections and community you long for.
✔ Increased confidence in your ability to find and/or create whatever village you’re looking for and dreaming of.
✔ Ideas about how to start where you are, and connect in the least overwhelming and most life-giving ways possible.




Tending To Us is a live virtual course that you can do with or without your partner. Designed for busy, stretched-thin parents (or individuals) who want to do relationships better, this course is all meat and power tools and no airy-fairy fluff.

Tending To Us is for you if you’re looking for:

✔ A practical set of tools that every progressive parent needs to re-build a solid relationship, despite all that's stacked against us. 
✔ Increased connection with your partner, while you both recognize your own specific needs + how getting those met (or not) affects your partnership + parenting.
✔ A shared language to grow from together, while being better seen, heard, and undertsood.


relationship course

1.5-hour conversation + workshop

Breaking The Tradition of Holiday Motherwhelm is a conversation + workshop for mothers who (understandably) find it challenging to access joy and ease during the hectic holidays.

Realizing that it’s up to us to stop the toxic cycle of motherwhelm, we’ll come together to start reassessing what true holiday “magic” is so we can take brave steps toward creating the kind of memories and traditions we feel good about passing down to our kids, which won’t require us to self-abandon and dizzy ourselves. 

get access to the replay here

Pandemic Motherwhelm

Pandemic Motherwhelm is a validating conversation + workshop for mothers who feel overwhelmed and anxious about things opening back up and returning to “normalcy.”

Together we explore integrating the hard lessons of the pandemic years + grieving our losses, honoring our needs + desires alongside our children’s, and how to move forward with our healing and wholeness at the center.


Conversations + Workshops

Breaking the Tradition of Holiday Motherwhelm

1.5-hour conversation + workshop

We’re asking the wrong questions, mama. 

Instead of, “What’s wrong with me that I don’t enjoy motherhood more?” we need to be asking, “What about our systems, norms, and narratives is making joy, inner peace, and lightness so hard to access?”

Hi! I’m Beth Berry
and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m not a parenting coach, nor am I an expert on motherhood. I’m a devout, lifelong student of it. There is no subject on earth I revere more, no humans I respect more, and nothing my heart longs to protect, nourish, restore worth to, shed light on, support the healing of, or advocate for more on this entire planet, than mothers.

I’ve been doing the all-in mom thing for 28 years, and have spent thousands of hours mentoring and supporting mothers through their process of self-discovery, self-reclamation, and dream realization. 

❊ Changemakers, cyclebreakers, norm-challengers, visionaries, leaders, and healers, or simply fed up with the status quo and hungry for something more.

❊ Committed to making a difference, but so overwhelmed by our crazy culture, its many distorted messages, and the way it overburdens caregivers, that they often feel frozen with indecision, critical of their efforts, and overwhelmed with grief and unmet needs.

❊ Often outgrowing loved ones, afraid of what this could eventually mean, and feeling isolated in their healing journeys.

❊ Beginning to realize that doing it all alone only slows the growth and healing process, keeps us from accessing our true power and greatest potential, and robs us of soulful connection (which is our birthright).

The mothers I work with are...

I’m here to help you:

❊ Untangle yourself from cultural norms and stories that are holding you back and keeping you playing small.

❊ Identify and better understand your unique needs, values, and desires.

❊ Illuminate the ways in which patriarchal norms and narratives keep you exhausted, unhappy, and constantly doubting yourself.

❊ Discover hidden strengths and help you see your own gifts and potential.
❊ Explore your saboteurs and shadows, and the ways they hold you back.

❊ Prioritize in ways that help you feel more powerful, aligned, and nurtured.

More than anything, I want to see you lit up about your life, enjoying motherhood more, and feeling effective as the kind of changemaker you’re meant to be.

❊ Connect courageously and find your people.

❊ Create and maintain healthy boundaries.

❊ Deepen your self-trust.

❊ Understand your stress responses.

❊ Make meaning of your life in more empowering ways.

❊ Cultivate a gentle, peaceful inner landscape that nourishes rather than punishes you.

❊ Build your toolbox of practical, powerful skills for feeling better, stronger, and more effective as a changemaker and cyclebreaker. 

❊ Be more YOU, not more perfect.

What makes me different than other coaches:

I not only have deep reverence for motherhood and a thorough understanding of the nuanced ways in which being a mother inspires, complicates, intensifies, slows down, and creates a sense of urgency around the growth and healing process, but I draw from 28 years of personal mothering/family experience including:

❊ Being a teen mom
❊ Home births and a hospital birth
❊ Attachment parenting (and all its sweetness + shortcomings) 
❊ Raising spirited children 
❊ Making it through some incredibly challenging teen years
❊ Decades of education navigation, including homeschooling, public schools, charter schools, Waldorf, Montessori, international baccalaureate, you name it. 
❊ Four years raising kids abroad 
❊ 17 years of marriage 
❊ A smooth and amicable divorce
❊ Dating as a mother
❊ Writing a book when my kids were still young (mostly at 5am) 
❊ Building a thriving business from scratch (and learning LOTS of lessons along the way)
❊ Parenting adult children
❊ Getting my ass handed to me by my idealism over and over again

I know how tough it can be to justify your passion projects with so many other needs in the mix, and I know how discouraging it can feel to have your efforts be constantly interrupted. But please hear this, mama:

Your soul work is incredibly important and worthy.
The world needs mothers thriving, shining, and sharing our gifts. 

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