1. Thanks for sharing that. Whenever I read your blog I always feels a sense of permission to be the mom that I’m meant to be and to let our family priorities shift with the various seasons we go through. It’s extremely refreshing.

  2. Nice! What a testament to the fact that kids are so very resilient and to limitations only existing in our minds. We share many similar philosophies; we both have background in Waldorf ideologies. We both have traveled with our kids on an educational adventure, although ours took a bit of a mechanical kerplunk. We both sat back for a couple years of chill and let life and experience be the teacher and we both have jumped in with a more traditional approach to our schooling this year. Finally, we both have seen our children emerge beautifully, and no less than fully themselves in every situation, whilst continually wowing us and filling our hearts to the brim along the way. We sure are the lucky ones. 😉

    Thank you for continuing to share your journey, stories, family, adventures, insights, perspective and heart, to name but a few. 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    Glad to hear the growing pains are ebbing for a bit. But growth happens – ready or not.

  4. Renee says:

    your girls rock! brings a smile to my face

  5. Gabrielle says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I’m a new reader who first tuned in when you were describing your initial difficulties in getting used to a new school and it’s great to hear how people can learn in so many different ways. Your comment about now raising “four young women” reminded me of Little Women and the Alcott family’s fascinating and often unconventional approaches to education (Louisa May Alcott’s biography is fascinating and an amazing example of “revolution from home”).

  6. erica says:

    Thanks for the happy tears, such a great read, Beth, and BEAUTIFUL pictures of your BEAUTIFUL girls. I say keep braggin, you definitely can!!!!!

  7. Stephanie Humphreys says:

    Have the urge to respond since I too had the experience of living abroad twice. Not easy and sometimes down right miserable but worth the hardships for widening your own and kids horizons. Life seems so fast here in the U.S. Miss those lazy Sundays. Keep up the great job! If you can read the book “They only Laughed Later” Great stories on women living abroad in different countries.

  8. Emily says:

    I’d be interested in the name/publisher of the handwriting workbook in one of your pics. Would like to check it out for my son. Could you share info on it? Thanks! Great post.

  9. lydia says:

    hi beth! my family is planning a move to a new country (although not as exotic as mexico!) from canada to Los angeles where my son will be changing from a relaxed educational format to a public (predominately mexican student) school. i draw inspiration from your stories and find it reassuring that my kids will adapt and find joy in any situation i put them in. i also feel a connection to your story, as my parents raised us (three girls) in the mexican mountains for the first few years of our lives. i don’t remember much, but i am always inspired by their adventurous spirit and it has shaped us to not allow fear to stifle our desire for adventure. thanks!

  10. Carlos says:

    Your daughters are learning Spanish very fast. When I went to school We didn’t study Spanish it was called “Castellano”.

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