1. Cruzita says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do for the last year! It is especially difficult in the workplace to avoid constant complaining. I strongly agree that ” Personal responsibility gives you the power to change your circumstances.”

  2. Sarah Bork says:

    Beth –

    THanks again for another really well written window into your thoughts. I think the trickiest part is listening to yourself – to honor that tiny (at the beginning) inner voice that says “I need to move on’ or “Hmph, I’m not really getting what I need here anymore.” Wouldn’t it be SO lovely if we all lived at that level of self awareness and action. Too bad social grace/ codependence/ lack of common languaging confuses us about what is most important. We could all avoid a lot of wasted time, hurt feelings and negative spew otherwise.

  3. Amy Sheely says:

    This is great advice. Thank you for that. I agree whole-heatedly & am inspired to zip it! (when
    I feel like bitching)

  4. Great reminders! I especially agree on the last one!!!!That´s what I´m teaching my kids. Thank you 🙂

  5. kim says:

    Yes! Thank you. Exactly what I needed to read right now.

  6. Douglas says:

    Good thoughts! Always! Glad 2012 has been good to you. Untilnext time, love you guys

  7. Monika says:

    I LOVE this post! Great stuff here, wonderful job! : )

  8. Maya says:

    Thank you for this. It has come at the perfect time for me when I find myself complaining to whoever will listen. It isn’t good for the soul. I need to work on that 🙂

  9. Liz says:

    YESSSS….so true. i often find i complain when i really want to assert that i’m better at something than someone else – whether its a better parent, a better partner, a better professional, a better housekeeper, a better driver, just better at life. which of course, isn’t true at all, its just some ego shit getting in the way. its hard sometimes to spot all the ways ego just invades our lives, but once you recognize it can be much easier to pull back from the negativity. someone once gave me the strategy of when you are really especially annoyed with another persons behavior and want to freak out, just try to intently focus love on that person (even if they’re a co-worker you truly do not love) and see what happens. When I can break the madness and really do this, I find that I instantly remember the persons humanity as well as my own (aka I’m not better).
    So thanks for reminding me of that. And giving me some more strategies for that tool box.

  10. Julie Graff says:

    So RIGHT ON. Thank you for it.

  11. Madhusree says:

    I realized I complain a lot which really does not solve the problem. Thank you for writing this, it has been really helpful!

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