Helping you get more of what you deserve
(as a mother and
as a woman).

We can't afford to pretend to love motherhood.
Not this version of it.

(The version that has us raising kids alone in our homes disconnected from one another, immersed in a culture of judgment and perfectionism, under the illusion that we're the ones who can't get our acts together.) 

Did parts of you get buried when you became a mom? 

(Pro tip: those are the same parts you need back in order to enjoy motherhood more!)

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There's nothing wrong with you, mama. 

You are not inadequate. You're being conditioned to feel inadequate (so you'll spend more money and take on even more unpaid, “invisible” labor). 

You are not doing too little. You've been brainwashed into thinking that being a “good mom” means happily committing to the physical and emotional labor meant to be spread among an entire village. 

❊ We can’t will our way to greater empowerment and joy, we have to heal our way there, becoming badass boundary setters along the way. 

❊ Seeking validation from those not on an open-eyed growth and healing journey of their own can seriously slow your own development process. 

The fact that you’re struggling to enjoy your life as a mother has less to do with you than it does the inadequate support structures in the culture surrounding you.

BUT/AND here’s what else I know to be true...

❊ Mothers the world over are waking up and making changes, starting with the ways in which we value, care for, and honor ourselves.

❊ Mothers who want something more for themselves, and those who identify as changemakers, healers, and cyclebreakers have different needs, and therefore must prioritize differently than other people. 

❊ Our children learn how to love themselves by watching us love ourselves. 

❊ Only together will we change the story of motherhood for generations to come. 

❊ The more deeply we heal, the more quickly we’re able to recognize bullshit and the more effective we become as changemakers and cyclebreakers. 

❊ Changing the status quo, both outside and within ourselves, is much more powerful and less painful when done with the support and witnessing of others on a similar path.

❊ The medicine this world needs most is trapped within its mothers. Not only do we benefit from connecting, healing, liberating ourselves, and setting our magic free, but so do our kids, who need us to show them what thriving looks like. 

Hi, I'm Beth Berry, 

author, coach, teacher, adventurer, mother of four daughters, and hopelessly hopeful human.  

My greatest passion is supporting women as they navigate the complex and confusing terrains of empowered womanhood, conscious motherhood, intentional living, and personal growth.

My favorite clients are mothers who are fed up with status quo parenting and ready to rewrite the ‘rules' so that thriving, empowerment, and joy feel more accessible. Many of my clients don’t (yet) realize it, but in addition to being intentional mothers and conscious women, they are cyclebreakers, visionaries, leaders, and healers in the making. Most are wholly committed to doing good in the world but so overwhelmed by our chaotic culture, its many distorted messages, and the way it overburdens caregivers, that they often feel frozen with indecision, critical of their efforts, and overwhelmed with grief and unmet needs.

I'm here to help you see your needs, desires, saboteurs, and superpowers more clearly so that you can make the difference you're here to make, even if that’s simply within the walls of your home.

More About Me

Pretending everything’s fine, and taking it upon ourselves to endure our circumstances (the unrealistic expectations, the unrelenting stressors, and our deeply unmet needs) for the sake of our children’s wellbeing and the preservation of our identity as “good mothers,” is noble and sometimes necessary, but it’s also perpetuating the very same sub-optimal circumstances we’re wanting to escape. By “keeping up” with status quo motherhood and allowing our dysfunctional culture to determine the quality of our lives, we’re unwittingly becoming complicit in our own suffering and disempowerment.”

“Today’s mothers are overwhelmed not because we’re inadequate or broken or too sensitive, we’re overwhelmed because we’re giving birth to a new era of consciousness and this baby’s coming fast.” 

“One of the most common ways I see strong mothers sabotage themselves is by believing that because they CAN handle a whole lot (a whole lot of stress, a whole lot of dysfunction, a whole lot of mistreatment, etc…) that they SHOULD.” 

“A primary reason we feel so stuck as mothers is that we need the support of the community we lack in order to create the community we crave.”

“Your discontentment and overwhelm are messengers, mama. Your grief and anxiety are evidence that you’re attuned, awakening, and here to create a better world.” 


Challenging Norms, Untangling Truths, and Restoring Our Worth to the World

Today’s mothers are struggling; though, it’s not for the reasons most moms tend to think. We’ve been conditioned to believe our inadequacy is the reason we can’t seem to “keep up” or enjoy mothering more, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We aren’t failing as mothers. We’re mothering within a culture that is misleading, overburdening, and inadequately supporting us.

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