1. Valeria says:

    I love this! What great guidelines to break cycles and bring awareness to us and our children. I’ll be revisiting this post and working on the questions. What a shift when we recognize the “ broken social structures” and become part of the resistance. Thank you for your insights Beth!


    I often feel guilty about not doing anything besides being “home”, homeschooling (really unschooling, and feeling guilty about that because it’s actually awesome!) my 3 kids. They are my career. I honestly don’t know how people can do all kinds of other projects, work etc,etc and be able to be present and supportive of the kids processes and needs. It’s really not possible for me to do anything besides this. But saying that out loud often makes me wonder why I can’t do more like other moms. But then I see all the time how completely overwhelmed they are, and I know that what I am capable of is all I can do.

  3. Lauren says:

    “We’re only human, but we’re expected to behave as if we’re superhuman, all the while being treated as if we were subhuman.” Ooh, that is a powerful and true statement. Beth, I so value your ability to put clear, compassionate language to the swirling thoughts in my brain and tender pangs in my heart. I really appreciate the practical examples you walked through step-by-step here, too.

  4. sarah manning says:

    i feel this in my bones. thank you so much for taking the time to put words to all of these feelings and allowing so many of us to feel seen, even in our isolation. all the love to all the mommas:)

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