1. You have made me cry. Thank you Beth for this beautiful review!

  2. Thanks to both of you, Beth and Bernadette- a smile may rise from the corners of my mouth before weeks end.
    1) I will have ordered Bernadette’s book
    2) I will have completed the potato-leek soup and apple/pear/banana pie that I have been talking about all week while shifting ingredients from one counter-top space to another in order to make room for ‘more important stuff’.
    3) I will have put away the 3 loads of clean clothes in my room (with intention) while listening to music I love.
    4) I will bask in a pace I like to call puttering’.
    5) I will have shut down my computer for a minimum of 36 hours – GOTTA GO! XO

  3. Michelle says:

    Just ordered this and Playful Parenting that I have read about.

    Thank you!

  4. Katy says:

    I love this. Every.Last.Word. of it.

  5. Katy says:

    By the way, I should add that I currently have 25 tabs open on my browser.

  6. jennifer says:

    Beth…I finally started my homework assignments. I wouldn’t say procrastination, because I thought about it a lot, and I’m not one to procrastinate. I’m the “have to get it done right now type.” But, my life has changed quite a bit, and those things that were once really important are now not (more on that later). My worms for Hunter (my son) and I and of course his Daddy were handed to me…literally. I wanted to start my worms big…do it right and all that. However, today I went to a Children’s Festival at an Audubon where my husband is the director. There, I met a man who creates vermiculture starter kits with his high school students. One $10 donation, a lesson, and a dishpan of of compost, peat, newspaper and worms came home with me today. A dishpan…that’s enough I said. This is how I should start. I’ve been in the opposite of the slow down movement. I’ve been wanting to speed up…catch-up with all those over achieving mommies that I love to read about and listen to. I want to do this or that…until March when my life just went into chaos. Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 throat for my Dad, and a month of crazy “what type of cancer and what stage are we at” diagnosis for my Mom. My Mom ended up not having cancer, that rare one percent, but they still had to remove the lower lobe of her lung and reconstruct her diaphragm. My Dad on the other hand is in “the thick of it,” feeding tube and all, being cared for by my sister and her family. What makes this challenging for me is that I live 5 hours away, have a 2.5 year old, one car (that died in the midst of all this), and a husband that works like crazy so that I can stay home with our son. We are juggling a visit every other weekend to help out the best we can. But through this, I’ve learned to say whatever…and stay in the now, right here in this place with my “baby bird” and his Daddy. Sure there is a ton that I would like to do, or read or think about or talk about…I crave it. But, I have enough…right here and now. I smile more and laugh more through all of this. I see my family more. I speak my mind, and say “whatever.” And, I got my worms. I’m still thinking about community, and finding my tribe. I’m sure I will find much more than that, and a ton of life lessons, through this experience. I’ve just got to keep my mind and heart open, and it will appear when I’m ready to accept it just like my worms. [Thank you for your posts. You keep me, and at times my husband, thinking.]

  7. Holly says:

    Definitely adding that book to my wish list! I hear bats are great for eating mosquitoes 🙂

  8. Kelly says:

    Dear Beth,

    My first time commenting on a blog (ever, I think!) but I just wanted to say: thanks for keeping it real! It is your honesty (and humor) that makes me understand what having a “virtual tribe” is all about these days as we try to figure our home in the world as a young international family. I am a mother, a wife, and Waldorf teacher and often find myself wondering how all these crafty, homesteading mamas do it all? As it is a life I achieve to live, I have to remind myself that getting there slowly is just as good, if not better. I can always go foraging for wild foods next spring, or hand-make all the gifts of appreciation to mothers on a random day of the year…it doesn’t all have to be crammed into two days of weekends. Thanks for the reminder (and the humor!).

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