1. I am smiling … on the outside and on in the inside. This is LIVING.

    *Thank you for your continued inspiration … helping us see the beauty right in front of us.

  2. I LOVE the photos that go with this! I’m totally laughing and nodding my head.

  3. Babs says:

    Hope you don’t mind – I’ve added you to the Blogroll at BabsBlog.

    Thanks for being you……


  4. Aline Libassi says:

    that is what i try to do each day and believe me it took until 65 to be able to do this with NO APOLOGIES

  5. Taos says:

    He seriously looks like dad!!!

  6. LOVE THIS! I think I saw that guy the other day! I had gotten the message ¨DON´T EDIT YOURSELF¨ from another inspiration of mine, so this must be the trend for this week! WOO HOO! I am perfect just the way I AM! FEEL GOOD!

  7. Jennifer DS says:

    I love this, it really resonates with me right now.

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