1. Susan says:

    Sounds like a fun adventure! Have fun… I totally want to do the food-dyed eggs next year. Didn’t have my act together to do it this year, so it was food coloring at our house!

  2. Amanda says:

    I never have time even for the nasty dyes, let alone plant dyes…will have to buck up. And so very envious of your roadtrip…I think–coming back from a flu now after a day or two does not make anything worth nausea and the usual results. But good luck!

  3. jenelle m says:

    You continue to reaffirm my heart that traveling to MEXICO with my children is a beautiful idea. I backpacked around Cancun, Tabasco and even Cuba a few yrs ago b.c. (before children) and miss it so! THANK YOU for reassuring me!!!!

  4. Jen says:

    I’m slowly digesting The Soul of Money at your recommendation a while back. It’s a great read! I expected it to be all work and no play, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve told my husband about parts of it, and he sent me this Utne Reader article that reminded him of our conversations. The title is “Growing Economies with Local Currencies” and I thought you might also like to read it. Parts of it dovetail nicely with the homework to work on building community! Here’s the link:


    By the way, if the beet dye had extra vinegar in it, maybe a spill, that can cause the effect you got. A little bit of vinegar roughs up the shell so the dye can stick, too much eats away at the shell.

    I look forward to hearing about your travels!

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