1. Traci says:

    I am so glad I found your blog, it is so refreshing! It’s so nice to see a persons chaos in blog-land sometimes. Not that I am glad you have a mess and challenging emotions but just that it is real and we all experience it and our houses are often messy! We’re also working towards moving abroad at some point so it’s good to see someone else who took the leap. Also serendipitous because I’ve been thinking of starting a blog that I show my dirty kitchen with it’s dish filled sink, unmade beds, pens and paper everywhere , etc, but show the beauty in that, because it is the nature of family life. Thanks for your honesty and wonderful reporting on the home front!

  2. Hello Beth!

    What a brilliant writer you are! The humor and transparency in this post are so refreshing!!! You nailed it when you described the “collective chaos” that often prevents us from seeing what is beautiful in our own children. I have experienced many occasions like the ones you so eloquently described, and I am inclined to withdraw, shut-down, retreat from those amazing beings rather than look PAST their unbecoming tendencies!

    What I loved so much was this line:
    “It transformed obnoxious persistence into a deep desire to be understood, hypersensitivity into a capacity for emotional depth and bossy know-it-all tendencies into a true gift for managing people (gone sour due to under-acknowledgement).”

    Oh yes! To strive for understanding, to have capacity for emotional depth, to beautifully manage our children with acknowledgement–what a beautiful way to parent.

    I am so honored to know that my post inspired you! And how kind of you to share it with the world in this lovely form. I am truly grateful you took the time to let me know. My day has greatly improved by you.

    Much love,

  3. Kat says:

    I am reading you… you are wonderful writer, and your life is inspiring. Thank you for the gift of you

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