1. Kelly says:

    Experiences are what make life worth living and you are having one marvelous experience Mrs. Berry. This one brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of Luch. Life is precious and sometimes short – so love it and LIVE IT!

  2. Anna says:

    Lovely and perhaps the best one yet on this subject.

    I don’t think the curtain is ever re-woven, once the scales are lifted off you can no longer feign blindness. And you do fight–masterfully, with an angerless calm fortitude–with every inch of your being for justice in all it’s forms.

    What you are living now is like the baptism through knowledge of suffering and misery of the human condition and when you move back here you be called to live in the newness of that baptism. But its not a burden–its an obligation–a word Americans are very uncomfortable with. Trust me, though, it can be done.

  3. Taos says:

    Seeing all of these people, the same as me makes me realize something so sad but wonderful at the same time.
    They live with nothing but are so happy. If their son or daughter dies they put it behind them, knowing that it was the past and they can not change it. There is ALWAYS something good and they have shown that to me.

  4. Kodi says:

    Oh Beth, Thank you for sharing your journey!
    We are prayerfully considering where our journey should go – we feel a change coming. I have constantly said “let’s just moved to Mexico” after reading blog after blog – to simplify and reduce. But now I know we need to do more than just move to escape, more than just shedding the excess in all areas of our life – we need to “move” to make an impact – to walk like Jesus daily. Not sure “moving” means physically going or being state side and supporting/bringing awareness. I was just saying to Chad – I believe God put Luch in Beth’s life to make an impact on her and others…she has and so have you.
    On the social media front:
    My dream is that every person that just watched KONY 2012 would open their hearts and minds to finding a “Luch” – to do more than post a sign and wear a bracelet. To change their life even in a small way – by helping, not just donating. If everyone did something – joined along side a grassroots or specific organization in trenches actually working with locals/natives, the world would change – poverty, orphans, trafficking, social injustice would be impacted on a big scale! Okay, off my soap box…. 🙂

  5. Joan says:

    The experiences I’ve had in Chiapas over the past 35 years have changed me forever, and continue to affect my heart and soul whether I am in Chiapas or in Taos. I understand your complex feelings of confusion, pain and being overwhelmed as the 3 worlds compete for a place in your heart and soul.

    You’re in the vortex. You must be healthy if you’re going to keep doing the work in the communities. That means physically, mentally and spiritually. Otherwise you’ll lose your balance. On the days you go out to the community you need to be very present for the work you do there, but also strong enough to return to San Cristobal happy and grateful for the opportunities and blessings that you have. You do not need to feel guilty for what you have, you’re a conscious person; carrying guilt or anguish can destroy your health and won’t help anyone.

    This is so difficult, and I struggle with it too. It’s a longer conversation than this reply to your blogpost…a conversation I’d love to continue having with you.

  6. Amy says:

    I have just discovered your blog, and I feel deeply moved by what you have to say. My husband and I have good friends in a family that’s recently moved to Argentina with their 3 boys to try to rediscover that slow-paced life you describe, culture #1 (the father is from there originally), but their letters reveal they continue to feel torn and unsure whether they will really find home there. They are very dear to me and I keep seeing them as you describe things down there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Amy. It’s always inspiring to hear about other families living abroad. It is such a unique balancing act and hard to settle into “home” or even determine where home is sometimes! Ahhh, the dilemmas of modernity.

  7. Jeanine says:

    So glad to have found this space via Mothering today. Although our own bodies are now states-bound (not just USA, but in CA for who nows how long), our hearts still wander and at times yearn to be abroad tasting life, or maybe I should write sharing in the lives of others. Something about being elsewhere just fits my personal rhythm or energy, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, for my partner and I, it was our Peace Corps work and then travels afterward that shifted the consciousness to a place that it’ll never fully return from. A simultaneously clear and fuzzy place of raw emotion and oftentimes confusion over inequality, place and time. I can say that the more years that pass from our settling back into the culture shock of the US of A, the more I am able to gestalt it all. To view it from a perspective that is more grounded and less shaken. I look forward to following your travels, adventures and lives. Saludos!

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