1. luisa says:

    wow. just wow.

  2. Libby Foster says:

    Sweet sweet pictures! The girl look great. So happy to see Sigorni-she looks happy! Happy holidays Beth!

  3. Kelly says:

    My heart feels the sweetness and my eyes are a little teary. Thanks for sharing your sweet Christmas. P.S. The dresses turned out beautifully.

  4. Margaret says:

    So beautiful and sweet! Wow.

  5. Jote says:

    Posts like this make me so incredibly happy for y’all…and at the same time I miss you all the more.

  6. Sarah Maria says:

    I loved this blog post. Super sweet. And the fotos too. I’m so happy for you that you had your four girls together, what a gift.

  7. Holly says:

    Love you all and miss you mucho!

  8. Kirsten says:

    But you did a pretty good job putting it into pictures all the same!

    Lovely, lovely, pictures. Maybe 2012 be equally sweet for you!

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