1. Anna says:

    Love this

  2. DeAnna says:

    Love that sweet Estella!

    You know I was of the mind to let my kids dress themselves but instead of my now grown children thanking me for allowing their creativity and thinking skills to florish, i get the “why did you let me dress like that?”. I mean look at Megan now and the great “stylist” she has become and i get no credit…

    • Beth says:

      Due credit for being a thoughtful and dedicated mom? Yea right. Until they are raising intolerable teenagers of their own…

  3. Heidi says:

    wow. I now understand. After days in a row of feeling like I have done nothing but take care of my baby, I realize just in fact, how much I have been doing.

  4. Bill Minarik says:

    Dark Chocolate is the first to go when I search for inspiration too. I like to think that it really works and love when the experts say that it is also good for me 🙂

    Keep writing Beth!!! Keep writing!!!!

  5. Oh so perfectly perfect. The being vs. the doing. The “done” list vs. the to-do list. The beauty of what is vs. what will/might be. Thanks for the reminder and the beautiful inspiration.

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