1. Lauren says:

    Hi. I LOVE your blog. I just found you for the first time tonight from just clicking off on a tangent, and yay, I like it here. I like everything about your design and overall vibe, your family is beautiful, and I love that you’re in Mexico, and al about natural simple living, so good. Well, I like this post because I understand how it feels to lose a grandmother on your mother’s side. I was very close with mine, and she passed away a few years ago in April, and I miss her still all the time. I keep her old bottle of perfume and smell it once in a while for a ‘hug’. Anyway, I am so curious about why your 17 year old daughter moved away. I saw the post about her ‘Homecoming” for the holidays… the reason I am so curious is because 17 was such an intense year of my life. I feel like maybe you have some insight from what you wrote as a parent that might help me piece together what my mother may have felt at times with me. If you have the link to that post could I read it…? Also, I am interested in Sponsorship for my eCourse/Online Retreat, probably for August or September or both! Hope to connect. Much love to you!

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