1. BoB says:

    “The premise of Katie’s work (which she calls The Work), is that our suffering is a result of our thoughts about our lives, not our circumstances.” Is it true? I think there is great danger for folks to leap to that conclusion, and there is great danger to foster a kind of internal gaslighting by those subject to abusive relationships… and…. Is It True? The way I have been looking at the questions (and the recommended practice) is to allow one to break out of cyclical thinking patterns that are ‘believed’ and integrated into behavior patterns that continue to cause harm.

  2. Grace says:

    Love this! I had a very similar experience.. I used the work to stay in a super dysfunctional situation and when I was still not a peace after doing the work I thought I was doing something wrong. I have realised that when I feel resentful often I need to tell the person/people… I don’t expect to get the outcome I hoped for but I need to speak my truth and that is something that is completely ignored with BK. The Facebook groups are is a mass exercise in spiritual bypassing. Great article, xxxx

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