1. Lucia says:

    Thank you Beth! I am 2 years post partum with my second child. 2nd time marathon runner since my last birth and most recently in severe sciatic and knee pain. I figured it had to do with my alignment and I started yoga twice weekly. Much to my surprise the pain/discomfort got worse. Now I understand why. Thanks for illuminating on the issue. I am scheduling an appointment with my chiropractor.

  2. vic says:

    this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the time you put into it Beth and Jesse.

  3. Debbie says:

    I’m so glad you got the work you needed, Beth. NKT is an amazing tool. I would also recommend, for anyone else looking for help, Restorative Exercise™. Practitioners have a similar base of theory behind them (in fact I know several Restorative Exercise Specialists who also practice NKT) of looking for the underlying instabilities to start the alignment from the ground up. It’s so important to understand that it’s all too easy to be hurting ourselves more when we are trying so hard to help ourselves. Here’s to pain-free living and optimal health!!

  4. Brooke says:

    I really enjoyed this. I’ve also had a series of injuries and general aches and discomfort since two close together pregnancies and births. I just want to mention a similar holistic view and approach to the one you discuss here will be followed by a good physical therapist – which is more likely to be covered by insurance. I have two friends who are excellent PTs and have greatly helped me with my neck, back, hip and knee pain. The cause of my pain, I believe, came from much the same reasons as yours. Thanks!

  5. Jesse and I are on the same page about functional movement and rewiring the posture from the nervous system level. My name is Michaelle Edwards, creator of YogAlign. Many yoga poses flex the spinal column and compress the joints creating an imbalance in the forces that stabilize our body.
    If you have chronic pain in the body, yes use foam rollers and self massage but also stop putting your body in right angles and straight lines as dictated by yoga poses.
    Like all of the natural world, the human body is made of curves and all parts affect the whole. I have worked with hundreds of injured yogis and they all stopped straight knee forward bends and right angles like plow, staff and shoulder stand which undermine the forces needed to stabilize the hips and spine for upright posture and movement. Please see my website at http://www.yogalign.com and http://www.yogainjuries.com
    YogAlign is what I created to heal my own yoga injuries and began to practice asana to create good posture, instead of good poses. Anyone can do it and the result is aligned posture that supports the body in optimal function and pain-free living. Yoga injuries are out of control because the poses need to simulate how our body is actually designed.

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