1. Amen to that! Nothing to add! 🙂

  2. Taos says:

    I liked this post. But come on mom!!! out of all pictures to put up of me! I look so fat! 😛
    But, The post was a good one.

    • Virginia Berno says:

      We don’t know each other but I never used to like myself in pictures either. Anyway, as a perfect stranger I have to say that my first thought as I looked at the picture was how simply-beautiful the young woman in the pink sweater was. The shadow on your face & the lights from the tree help, but the actual beauty comes from you! I also love that you are being so careful with decorating the tree. I want to make sure each ornament is in the right place every year!

  3. allison says:

    Close version of what Maya Angelou said pulled out the bottom of my brain somewhere:

    People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

    Merry Merry Holidays Beth, Hunter and Co!!


  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you!! I go through this every year but find myself loosening the grip on the reigns I want to hold. In fact, two weeks before Christmas I reflect on what this time means to my kids. Is mom distracted and disconnected? Or is she fun, festive, and free? I grew up with Christmas being mostly fun but also came with an extremely stressed out mom. That is not how I want my kids to remember me. Thanks for shedding light on this. It’s a good reminder to slow dow, be thankful, and never question gifts of love.

  5. Vic says:

    You are beautiful Taos…inside and out. That’s obviously just your sweater hanging out anyway.

  6. Anka says:

    Thank you so much for this present! :o)

    It helps me to let go of the resentment I carry against grandparents, who look to me like they kill the children´s intrinsic motivation by giving money as gift and reward…

    Happy family time!!

  7. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing it. Feels like a *gift* to me!! ( :

  8. taryn oakley says:

    lovely post, thanks!

  9. Sarah says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Perfectly articulated the feelings I have so horribly tried to express since becoming a mother. I admire the growth you have obviously gone through to be able to express this kind of clarity. Well done! I aspire to the same. I always feel invigorated and happy after reading your honest thoughts. Thank you for all the work you do on this blog. Feliz Navidad!

  10. Lise says:

    As usual Beth, you articulate so eloquently the feelings we all have shared, at one time or another. I love that your focus has turned around to be sensitive and considerate of anothers perspective, that is how we will live in harmony and love together as a family. . . you are beautiful, inside and out!

  11. Heidi says:

    I am guilty of writing long e-mails to my parents and in-laws asking kindly for them to not send noisy plastic toys for my children but wooden or more simple and natural toys. That never happened and I often got the silent treatment because of it. I don’t think they even know were to get wooden toys in a small Midwestern town, here in a trendy city Eco friendly toy stores are every where, but I have never been able to afford them.
    Wishing you and your family a beautiful Holiday!

  12. Kelly says:

    Enjoyed another post from you remember how you and your family made me feel in San Cris. I have a glowing smile on my face, a tear in my eye and wishing you and your family a wonderful (and at times chaotic) holiday season.

  13. Susana says:

    my sister-in-law recently posted your article online yet again. i have had my own issues with my in-laws so i get her point, and, in principle i agree with your thoughts on the season, BUT i also think that the best way to keep things under control and to your liking is by getting involved in the food prep and kid entertainment, instead of leaving those things to others who don’t necessarily share your values. Thanks for listening to the Grinch and Merry Christmas!

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