1. Maria VanderVliet says:

    this has nothing to do with your content, but I live in Pennsylvania and I have a not quite 2 year old dog that we rescued from a shelter that could be samson’s twin… If i had a picture handy i would try to attach it, if i didn’t know better i would think you had a picture of my dog on your blog… crazy!

  2. Adah says:

    Oh dogs and compromise. If there is one thing in my relationship with my hubs that could break us, it is dogs. We had them for years, but have had a couple years off since I got my way a couple summers ago. I wrote myself a note about all the reasons that I hated having dogs because I knew I would forget, and I wanted to remember my argument when the topic came up again. I don’t look at the note and I should probably burn it. It is mean and hateful, especially since my husband cannot fathom life without dogs for much longer. I will compromise and we will have dogs again some day, but my mental arms are still crossed in anticipation of that crossroads because I haven’t quite arrived at that place where I can see the beauty that might/will come from taking in a dog again.

  3. Cazador says:

    Notice the plastics bags on stella’s hands while petting Samson.

  4. Melanie says:

    Great post. I love me a good compromise, especially when the result is giving a sweet animal a loving home. I’m pretty certain I would be that crazy dog lady if I lived down there, they know I’m a sucker for sure. Plus dogs and little ones, doesn’t get much sweeter.

  5. Heide says:

    Loved this~Trust, compromise, letting go of control-all subjects that we humans, in my opinion, can never gain enough insight on. Thank you for shedding your beautiful light on the subjects.
    One of the things I love most about you Beth is you live and examined life. More importantly, you take action-It is not a private self examination, but one that your are willing to share with the world (us blogger followers) that inspires action in us. It gives way to opening the locks we might have on some doors that haven’t been opened for a while.
    Thank you for your gift.
    Much love,

  6. Rita says:

    Shorter posts are over-rated. 🙂 Really appreciate this one.

  7. Katy says:

    Right ON, mama. This one really hits the sweet spot. Tears. Heart bursting. LOVE! Sweet girl with her best friends. Oh, it’s all just too good.

  8. Betsy says:

    What a sweet post! Do not feel the need to shorten your posts. I enjoy every word:)

  9. Danielle says:

    I loved this post. Compromise feels so hard for me. I am so stubborn to the point that I sometimes have an out-of-body experience when I’m in an argument or discussion, where I can see how ridiculous it is that I’m holding on to my “side” so stubbornly, but it is just so hard to let go. But I’m learning, slowly, that when I do let go, good things happen.

    Plus, I’m such a sucker for a good dog.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for these words. I have been letting more compromise seep into my marriage and find that it is indeed a lightening experience. I am very stubborn and have a hard time letting go (of whatever control I feel is necessary). You are soooo right about TRUST and compromise and reading your words has helped see this particular struggle for me in a way I have not.
    Thank You

  11. Taos says:

    That dog is so weird.

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