1. Katy says:

    Oh dear god, I’m so glad that whip scorpion is harmless! It sure does look intimidating, though…shiver! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all, Beth, as always 🙂

  2. Milinda says:

    I love your hood and that it’s a 15 minute walk from your place to mine. Give us the word when the girls want to swim and we’ll be right over. But let’s wait for the piojo evacuation, no? I love reading your blog;)Peace sista’

    • Beth says:

      I think the coast is clear of piojos, though I’m checking one last time tonight. I’m so glad to have met you and yours and look forward to much merriment and memory making!

  3. Mary Evelynn says:

    Great to read this & see the pictures. It is amazing. I broke my toe in Tulum–skin diving–and there was NOTHING there but mostly hidden sea fortress. This was in the late 1960s, I think. A man saw what had happened to me, came up saying he was a medical man, and would take a look at my toe. When he had my foot in hand, he set my toe. Yiee! But we had come on a bus & had to stand on the highway and wait for another bus whenever it decided to come. There was not even a drink stand there. But quite a few Mexican nationals & a few international diving nuts like us.

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