1. kimberly margaret says:

    do it as long as you can for as long as it feels good. the kids are alright. and look what they get for a mama- see how much you’ve grown personally and professionally in the last year and a half? that’s a bonus for everybody.

  2. Deb says:

    This post saved my sanity today. Thanks. And best luck being at peace and making your decisions.

  3. Katy says:

    “Because no matter how many times I travel, I am still dumbfounded and awestruck that humans have figured out how to make a 100 ton piece of metal fly through the air.” Right there with ya…every single time.
    This is really beautiful, Beth, it touched me deeply. Thank you for putting your heart out there with every post!!!

  4. Carson says:

    I loved this one. I’m so happy you are where you are right now. And yet I still miss you terribly. Sending love.

  5. vic says:

    It is true…He has it covered…but we get to participate.

    For me, only Mission trumps Proximity.

  6. second-guessing can drive you nuts. for me, it’s what/where can i honor God best, then it becomes a leap of faith… blessings to you, Beth…

    • Beth says:

      I agree, Debbie. We were so clearly supposed to move here, and continue to receive one affirmation after another that we are here for reasons beyond our understanding. Love to you and yours <3

  7. caribbean says:

    THE Dali LLAMA once said — ” the most important thing that we as humans can accomplish in LIFE- is to learn how to conquer one second of time with happiness and once we have acheived that — then the next second and the next until we understand that all we get in this life is one second at a time–and happiness is the most infectious energy that we can share with ourselves and those around us- it is a positive energy that always lights up the darkness —

    FEAR & DOUBT– beware of these two– they will cancel all good things when offered the opportunity — when they arrive at your door– simply sweep them out with your broom and do not allow them to be part of your life- it takes steady persistence to deal with them — but once they get the idea that they can not find refuge in your world they will go away!

    DIRECTION OF ENERGY- GOD has a plan — I believe that if your heart has good love and intentions for yourself and for those around you — then you are permitted to carry out your dream as you see it — if you dreamed of being somewhere and you finally arrive — then do not doubt that you are their becasue it is right or wrong — it is because you have been granted your wish for all things to come together for you to follow your dream by God– think back on all the loose ends that challenged everything in your world– now look again and see what has taken place and has come full circle for you to have the privilege of being exactly where you had hoped to be — embrace the idea that you are on your path and your spirit master is by your side to watchover you — you are loved by him and all that surround you — you are in devine hands and you have been granted your wishes — give thanks to all by conquering the second — with happiness and spread it all over yourself and those you care for — it is your ability to do so !! now is the time to really let go– get out of your own way — and let things happen without any resistance- no friction — flow— smile– create — be secure that these things are true and you are going to continue to be fine — life is exactly how you perceive it — so perceive it very well and you will find — “WHEREVER YOU GO — THERE YOU ARE “– realize– you have been blessed!! su amigo SR. ALAH CARIBBEAN

    • Beth says:

      Wow. I don’t know who you are or from where you came, but your words are a like a beautiful song, una cancion escrita en mi corazon. Muchisimo gracias, amigo misterioso.

  8. “You only need to see as far as your headlights.”

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