1. Kathy Yeager says:

    Wow is right. I love your blog this post has my heart= a radical simplicity that we can grab hold of and press into. Thanks! I will be sharing this with many.

  2. vic says:

    Great thoughts. I particularly like this line: they’re just “winning” at the game that we’ve all been playing.

    I would word #2 differently in your “essential elements”:

    *Be true to your created purposes. If I am true to my Self (capitalized to emphasis the power of my own arrogance), and give in to what I (mySelf) want, I will gravitate toward a Wall Street/Easy Street mentality. I want comfort, convenience, and control. I cannot deny this reality. If I am authentic about it, I want what I want when I want it. But I also have the option and freedom to defy that selfishness.

    I think, in fact, that I was designed with an assignment encoded. And the fulfillment of that assignment has more to do with a greater purpose than my own purposes.

    You are an excellent writer, with an amazing mind, and a good heart.

    Keep ’em comin.

  3. Ben says:

    As a good friend of mine told me recently, “the only way to take down Wall Street is to stop buying what they’re selling.” Simple. True. And not easy to do.

  4. kimberly margaret says:

    This is spectacular. 🙂

  5. rhia says:

    fist pump mama!!!

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