April 1, 2013
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plant dyed easter eggs

Though I’m still technically taking a break, I know better than to let too many experiences/photos pile up, only to reach the end of my vacation and feel more overwhelmed than refreshed (you know, like when you come home after much-needed time away to a dirty house and screaming kids and wonder if it was even worth it?!). So, just a little about our Easter and a last-minute surprise…

We dyed eggs with plants again this year with equally lovely and surprising results. Now I’m officially obsessed with this tradition and may have to take it up a notch next year, charting color combinations and logging dye lots. {Seriously.} The kids make fun of me for my enthusiasm, but their total engagement gives away their own fascination. This year, we invited friends…

plant dyed easter eggs 2

Easter Tulum

Easter Tulum

I can’t tell you how we produced the results, as the kids got a little crazy with the double dipping, but I did notice that the beets seemed to eat away some sort of film on the outside of the eggs (producing the following effect) and that you really need a strong concentration of red cabbage to obtain the turquoise we produced last year (this year it ended up a robin egg blue).

beet dye

Here are this year’s favorites (my favorites, that is)…

egg 2

egg 3

egg 4

Gorgeous, huh?

As for the surprise? We decided that rather than fight (I mean embrace) the kid mess and chaos for the rest of spring break, we’d take a little road trip! We’re hopping on the overnight bus to San Cristóbal de las Casas in just a couple of hours!!!!!!! We are all a little beside ourselves with anticipation and excitement to return to our home away from home away from home, as the girls and I haven’t been back since our move nearly a year ago.

For those of you who’ve yet to explore Mexico, here’s where we’re headed…

Map Tulum San Cristobal

Looks like an easy little jaunt, huh? Well, actually, the tickets say it takes 16 hours, but last time we did it, it was every bit of 19, so, between the gut-wrenching swagger of the bus around mountain curves, multiple stops at federales check points, and dramamine-enabled, child-interrupted “sleep,” let’s just say…adventure awaits!! (Don’t worry All-You-Who-Are-Already-Uncomfortable-That-We-Live-In-Mexico-To-Begin-With, the feds are just looking for drugs {and we won’t have any}, the drivers are pros and do this all the time and the sights you see passing though mountain clouds and rural villages are totally worth any ensuing vomit.)

Better yet? Return tickets by air were cheaper than by land, so our Saturday trip home will be a breeze.

I’ve explained that I am silly-in love with Chiapas, but the why is sprinkled throughout multiple posts (you can search for San Cristóbal in the left-hand column for a few of our tales), so I’m hoping to steal away here and there and let you in on a little bit of the lovely.

I need to sign off and make sandwiches, so here’s to a safe, sleep-filled, puke-free adventure, I hope your Easter was swell and we’ll see you in San Cris!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun adventure! Have fun… I totally want to do the food-dyed eggs next year. Didn’t have my act together to do it this year, so it was food coloring at our house!


  2. I never have time even for the nasty dyes, let alone plant dyes…will have to buck up. And so very envious of your roadtrip…I think–coming back from a flu now after a day or two does not make anything worth nausea and the usual results. But good luck!


  3. You continue to reaffirm my heart that traveling to MEXICO with my children is a beautiful idea. I backpacked around Cancun, Tabasco and even Cuba a few yrs ago b.c. (before children) and miss it so! THANK YOU for reassuring me!!!!


  4. I’m slowly digesting The Soul of Money at your recommendation a while back. It’s a great read! I expected it to be all work and no play, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve told my husband about parts of it, and he sent me this Utne Reader article that reminded him of our conversations. The title is “Growing Economies with Local Currencies” and I thought you might also like to read it. Parts of it dovetail nicely with the homework to work on building community! Here’s the link:


    By the way, if the beet dye had extra vinegar in it, maybe a spill, that can cause the effect you got. A little bit of vinegar roughs up the shell so the dye can stick, too much eats away at the shell.

    I look forward to hearing about your travels!


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