Challenging Norms, Untangling Truths, and Restoring Our Worth to the World

Today’s mothers are struggling; though, it’s not for the reasons most moms tend to think. We’ve been conditioned to believe our inadequacy is the reason we can’t seem to “keep up” or enjoy mothering more, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We aren’t failing as mothers. We’re mothering within a culture that is misleading, overburdening, and inadequately supporting us.

Motherwhelmed is a deep, yet lighthearted exploration of the messy frontier of modern-day motherhood we’re all struggling to navigate. With compassion, realness, and rich storytelling, Beth Berry:

  • Illuminates the mindsets and narratives keeping us feeling overwhelmed, disempowered, anxious, isolated, and riddled with self-doubt
  • Provides the perspectives and tools needed for mothers to rewrite their stories and reclaim a sense of wholeness
  • Shares from her 25 years as an idealistic, passionate, all-in mother of four daughters
  • Reminds us of our worthiness and reframes our importance

This is not a book about parenting. It’s a book about mothers, our greatness, and how important it is that we thrive. It’s about untangling ourselves from the stories keeping us trapped and deconstructing those we’ve outgrown. It’s about daring the lives we’re here to live and, thereby, giving our children permission to do the same.

Until we begin to organize our lives around not only our children’s worthiness but also our own, mothers everywhere will continue to bear the brunt of cultural pain and dysfunction. This matters because we cannot be the changemakers we’re meant to be while so heavily burdened.


It would be an injustice to call Motherwhelmed a book; it is a kaleidoscope. With every turn of the page, an awakening is made that forever alters your view of your sense of self, your truth, and your purpose. As I journeyed through Beth’s skillfully crafted prose, I found myself unable to stand by as a passive recipient of her message. I needed to act; I needed to sift; I needed to reconsider—and as a result, I came away lighter, clearer, and stronger. If you yearn to stop inviting guilt, failure, and perfection to sabotage your everyday life and your contribution to the world, step into the kaleidoscope that is Motherwhelmed. Turn the page—wake up, stand up, rise up… and live. The world needs the gift of you. ~Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and certified special education teacher

“This is not only a book about motherhood, vulnerability, and the overwhelm of both—it’s also a story about giving yourself permission to be the woman you envision yourself to be. The woman you know you are deep in your heart. It’s a story about motherhood and love, yes, but it’s also one of freedom, too. It’s not about losing yourself in motherhood, but finding yourself through it. It’s beautiful and life-changing.” ~Colleen Temple, writer + editor of Motherly’s This Is Motherhood

In a culture where mothers are endlessly bombarded with messages to do more, be more, and give more, Beth’s words are a balm for the tired mother’s soul. With empathy, compassion, honesty, and grace, Beth meets you where you are, takes your hand, and shows you another way. Instead of shaping you to be worthy of motherhood, she transforms motherhood to be worthy of you. Beth offers us a place where mothers can do more than survive: where we all may thrive, if only we take the risk to rethink, relearn, and soar. ~Rachel Jepson Wolf, Author of The Unplugged Family Activity Book and Herbal Adventures

A validating, cathartic, and necessary read for every modern mother. Motherwhelmed is food for the soul as it brilliantly unpacks the inner and outer barriers to our authenticity and true happiness as overworked moms. Berry candidly shares her deeply relatable missteps and misgivings as a parent, along with her journey back to herself, giving mothers everywhere an inspiring and do-able blueprint for their own peace, healing, and relief from care-taking overwhelm. Berry also empowers the reader by pointing out our real superpowers as moms – and psssst – it’s not “doing it all!” ~Brandy Ferner, author of Adult Conversation: A Novel

“Beth Berry has deep reverence for the role motherhood plays in humanity. In Motherwhelmed, she is elevating the name Mother back to its rightful place of honor. At once healing balm and stirring call to action, her words shine the light on our cultural dysfunction, and how mothers today are absorbing the impact of our broken systems.” ~Amy Brennan, MotherWorthy facilitator and longtime participant 

In one of the most relatable books I have ever read, Beth so eloquently and exquisitely puts into words the unique challenges of modern-day motherhood and the narratives we have created about what it means to be a mother. Beth takes us on a journey of exploration and curiosity as she empowers us to reclaim our inherent worthiness and value as mothers. ~Taylor Kulik, Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist 

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