About Me

Welcome, friend!

My name is Beth Berry and I love that our paths have crossed. If you’re someone who aspires to live from your heart, cares deeply about the state of the world, and believes in the transformative power of personal growth, you’re in the right place. Even if you only identify with some of these characteristics, I invite you to make yourself at home, try on a new idea or two, and let your curiosity lead you.

Nine years ago, when we first moved our family abroad (for a total of four years), I began writing about the richness, beauty, and mystery all around me. I fell deeply in love with southern Mexico, her people and the slower pace of life. As my mind was blown and my heart softened by our experience, I began to notice a richness, beauty, and mystery being awakened within me, too.

Turns out that inner exploration is my very favorite kind.

Since then, I have journeyed through regions of my inner landscape that I never even knew existed. I’ve learned to be gentle and nurturing with the particularly sensitive parts, shone light into places I’d long been avoiding, deconstructed the walls around my heart, and learned to trust the guidance of my soul.

Though it’s been hard work (and quite painful at times), I now have access to peace, joy, and connection that were previously unavailable to me. I’ve healed my relationship with myself, which has proven invaluable in my relationship with others.

My roles include life coach, writer, and mother of four daughters (ages 12, 15, 19, and 25), though to truly know me is to know what I believe:

  • I believe that improving the world starts with improving our relationship with ourselves.
  • I believe that vulnerability and sensitivity are superpowers of the most valuable sort.
  • I believe there is as much to be learned from the homeless guy on the street and the whispers of our own hearts as any ancient text or modern-day mystic.
  • I believe that by becoming kind and loving observers of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, we become powerful beyond measure.
  • I believe that unexamined thoughts, stories, and agreements are the root of all suffering.
  • I believe that we’re alive during the most confusing and most transformative time in history.
  • I believe that we all need emotional support in order to grow into the best versions of ourselves.
  • I believe that our children’s greatest chance at thriving is for us to exemplify thriving for them.
  • I believe that each of us is here to shine the light of our soul uniquely and powerfully, and that until we do so, our joy and inner peace will be limited.
  • I believe we need more safe and supportive places to show up authentically, bear witness to one another’s journeys, and celebrate growth.
  • I believe that we are born worthy of love, acceptance, and authentic, enriching connections.
  • I believe that awakened women have more world-changing potential than anyone else on the planet.

Random facts about me and my messy life:

  1. I am almost completely deaf in my left ear. (If I’ve ever ignored you, it wasn’t on purpose.)
  2. We once lived in a 240 square foot tool shed for three years with an outdoor kitchen, sawdust bucket toilets and no hot water (we were almost as broke as we were idealistic). My third daughter, who was born in that shack, doesn’t like nature. Go figure.
  3. I can see beauty in even the ugliest, most tragic of circumstances.
  4. My daughters are my greatest teachers and spiritual guides.
  5. I require TONS of alone time to feel whole and sane (INFP).
  6. I think stretch marks and cellulite are beautiful.
  7. I dread small talk and love it when people aren’t afraid to dig deep fast.
  8. I am highly sensitive, which caused a great deal of struggle for me before I came to understand and honor this part of how I’m wired.
  9. My girls’ dad and I, while no longer married, are still friends. There are few things I feel more proud of than the hard work it took to be able to claim this.
  10. I love beeswax candles, rainstorms, picking out yarn for new knitting projects, fermenting, vocal harmonies, tea shops, speaking Spanish, camping, trail running, Mexico, sweat lodges, ecstatic and African dance, and everything about the moon.

Here are a few of my favorite posts, which each contain pieces of my heart:

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Few things bring me more joy than witnessing and supporting people as they grow into truer, more fully realized versions of themselves. My work in the world is to keep my heart open (even when doing so is painful), to seek, honor, and revive the sacred feminine, and to hold a lantern for those ready to journey deeper within.

If you’re one of those people, I’d love to connect with you and determine whether we’re meant to walk alongside one another for a while.

Abrazos and many blessings,


“She is traveling between worlds right now. You can see her holding the tension of not knowing. She is simply breathing into her unanswered questions. Sometimes she drinks her coffee with quaking hands, not knowing where her relationship or her bank account is going. But this time, she is holding onto the tension of not knowing, and is not willing to hit the panic button. She is unlearning thousands of years of conditioning. She is not being split between the opposing forces of fight and flight. She is neither naïve nor ignorant. She is a frontier woman, paving new roads & making new choices. She is willing to make a new transcendent possibility emerge. You may see her now, standing at thresholds, or at crossroads, breathing into her body and intently listening for inner signals.” ~Sukhvinder Sircar