Your Season to Shine

Your Season to ShineWelcome!

Your Season to Shine is a nine-week-long gathering of open-hearted women from around the world who are ready to step into a more joyful, nourished, connected, and meaningful way of being.  

It’s for women with a deep desire to feel seen, heard, honored, and understood.

Women who long for a tribe with whom to grow, explore, and feel safe.

Women who know, deep down, that life can be so much better than most people choose to live it.

Women who are ready to cultivate gentler, more empowering relationships with each other and themselves.

Is this you? Beautiful.

Let’s spend a season together.


As women, mothers, lovers, and beings born to care…

We do so much for others.

We are so much to so many people we love.

And though our lives are full of blessings and we’re deeply grateful for them, many of us can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. Something essential. Something we can hardly bear to live without any longer.

I believe that something is the bright-shining light of our souls.

There are many reasons our light begins to fade:

We’re wired to nourish others at the expense of ourselves.

We’re taught to hide our pain and so often struggle alone.

We move at speeds we’re not evolutionarily accustomed to.

We try to keep up with standards that don’t align with who we are and what we’re here for.

We lose touch with nature’s rhythms and healing cycles.

We ignore or distrust our intuition.

We lose sight of our true power, strength, and beauty.

The vast majority of our time and energy are spent draining rather than filling our cups.

Your Season to Shine -Jote Khalsa PhotographyYour Season to Shine is a sacred container for your awakening soul.

It’s a place where open-hearted women (and women who are ready to open their hearts) come together to become stronger, bolder, and more courageous. It’s a brave “HELL NO to the societal stories that keep us small and insecure and struggling to feel strong, and a soulful “YES!!!” to a more authentic and inspiring way of being.

It’s a place where we reclaim the true power of femininity by aligning with the cycles of nature, drawing strength from the gifts of each season, and joining hearts within a safe circle of women.

It’s a place where you will always be welcome, honored, encouraged, and celebrated — messy house, cellulite, dark circles and all.

Over the course of nine weeks, we will:

  • Explore, claim and practice using our unique superpowers
  • Honor, love, and strengthen our relationship with our bodies.
  • Chart our cycles, moods, emotions, and revelations.
  • Settle into the essence of the season, and let it nourish us.
  • Engage in self-loving practices and acts of courageous love toward others.
  • Recognize our unique needs and take steps toward better meeting them.
  • Practice self-care and benefit from group support and accountability.
  • Uncover core values and learn to better align with them.
  • Get clear on what’s most essential to us and release ourselves from the rest.

Your Season to Shine How It Works

For nine consecutive weeks (beginning April 9th and ending June 7th), we will explore, laugh, cry, grow, expand, and celebrate together. We’ll step bravely outside our comfort zones and into a safe, nourishing circle of beautiful unknowns and scared connections.

Here’s what that means, practically speaking: 

  • Weekly circles of support via video conference. (Don’t worry, it’s way less scary and awkward than it sounds.) Join from anywhere in the world, Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30pm EST. Calls are recorded for those who can’t make it.
  • Engaging weekly emails. Receive emails every week containing explanations of the week’s theme, brief teachings, prompts, invitations, and questions to guide you deeper.
  • Access to our private Facebook group. Share progress, photos, accomplishments, stories, strivings and struggles within the safety of our private forum.
  • Printable guides, exercises, and tracking tools to keep you engaged, on track, and increasingly self-aware.


Time: Beyond the hour-and-a-half long Wednesday circles, your time commitment is up to you. Spend as little as ten minutes a day or as much time as you desire engaging the material, expanding your self-care practices, exploring the questions, tracking your cycles and moods, connecting in our group forum, and nourishing your body and soul.

Money: Three monthly payments of $200 USD, or a one-time payment of $575. By clicking the ‘Sign Up Here’ button below, you will be routed to Satori, an online scheduling and payment service, where you will register, choose your payment option, and secure your spot through Paypal. If you choose the monthly installment option, your first payment will be due upon signing up.

This I believe:

  • We all need more safe spaces within which to show up wholeheartedly, messily, and without judgment.
  • Safe circles of women are one of the most healing forces on the planet.
  • We’re not meant to go it alone.
  • Your heart knows the way and can be trusted.

Want more centeredness, connection, and support in your life this spring? You’re just one click away.

sign up hereSpace is limited to 12 participants. Sign up early to ensure your seat in the circle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure I’m a good fit for this group?

Some of the most beautiful elements of the groups I’ve led and been a part of, have been the wide variety of life circumstances, ages, and belief systems among participants. If you’re feeling drawn to the experience, you long for real, heart-centered connection with other women, and you’re ready to journey deeper within, you’ll fit in beautifully.

I’d love to join, but I’m really introverted, and the video platform intimidates me. Is there any way around it? 

You’re in good company, fellow introvert. Video hasn’t always been comfortable for me either, but the benefits of rich connection have proven way more valuable than the “safety” of staying hidden. Expansion is more likely when we make the brave choice over the more comfortable one. (Though I’m committed to creating a space that feels comfortable, too.)

I have young children at home. Will this be too distracting during group calls? 

Though this is your time to shine (and ideally you could give it your full, uninterrupted attention), I’d prefer that you showed up with occasional distractions than not at all. Please do your best to make sure your children’s needs are being met by someone else during our calls. That said, we can easily mute you as needed and calls will be recorded for your convenience.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

In every circle, I reserve three reduced-rate spots for those with financial limitations. Please email me if this interests you (serious inquiries only please).

Have more questions?

I’d love to answer them for you. Contact me HERE.

Read what participants had to say about last season’s circle: 

Beth’s ability to hold space for a group of women in a virtual setting is superb. Being an online class might have made it hard to connect and feel trust and closeness, but Beth has a very calming and heart centered approach to her work, and I felt her personality and talent in her work as a facilitator made this experience much richer than I might have expected, given the setting/limitations of not being in person. I could not recommend her group work more highly.


This group is life changing in very doable, practical ways. It’s the kind of support *every* woman needs in her life to become her best self. I am so grateful to have found Beth and this group.


Your Season to Shine was the substance and connection I need at this point in my life. Quality people and conversation that opened my mind and enriched a part of me that was neglected.


This course has been a deep, rejuvenating breath of sweet air to me. I have found the topics covered to be so helpful and have uncovered areas that I want to explore more deeply. The group calls felt safe and, as an introvert who tends to need more time to think through my response, I felt able to contribute meaningfully, knowing that what I shared would be honored. But what was most wonderful to me were the connections between us all as a group as we shared our stories over the last couple of months. I have seen so much wisdom, courage and honesty here, and it has left me stronger.


This group was a beautiful surprise. Beth held space for lovely connection, courageous transparency and some good, deep internal work. I never believed that I’d feel so comfortable on a video call with “strange” women from all over the country. But the sweetness and commitment to truth seeking that is paramount to this course, made it very possible to look hard, go deep and feel sweetly supported. I’m so very pleased and know it’s just the beginning of this part of my journey…


Beth provides an open and supportive environment in which we can delve into complex and important work. Beth’s willingness to show up with authenticity and vulnerability allow us to shed our own layers and be present for each other in profound and lasting ways. So much gratitude!


Excited for this journey together,



“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”
― Brené Brown