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Beth Berry

Welcome! My name is Beth Berry and I love that our paths have crossed.

This is a space where I tell my truth, practice showing up wholeheartedly, connect with other seekers, and contemplate life’s messy, sacred mysteries.

I began this blog five years ago when my family and I first moved to Mexico. We’re stateside again (after four years abroad), and forever changed. The pace we slowed down to, the perspective we gained, the experiences we enjoyed (and endured), and the people we fell in love with expanded our hearts and altered the course of our lives.

Past posts reflect not only our journey abroad, but my own journey within. Though not everything I wrote years ago represents where I currently am (physically, emotionally, or spiritually), I’ve left it all there in honor of my journey, your journey, and the natural beauty of growth. Here are a few of my favorites from the archives:

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My titles include life coach, writer, wife, and mother of four daughters (ages 9, 11, 15, and 21), though to truly know me is to know what I believe:

  • I believe that improving the world starts with improving our relationship with ourselves.
  • I believe that vulnerability is an act of great bravery.
  • I believe there is as much to be learned from the homeless guy on the street and the whispers of our own hearts as any ancient text or modern-day mystic.
  • I believe that by becoming kind and loving observers of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, we become powerful beyond measure.
  • I believe that unexamined thoughts, stories, and agreements are the root of all suffering.
  • I believe that we’re alive during the most confusing and most transformative time in history.
  • I believe that our children’s greatest chance at thriving is for us to exemplify thriving for them.
  • I believe that each of us is here to shine the light of our soul uniquely and powerfully, and that until we do, our joy and inner peace will be limited.
  • I believe we need more safe and supportive places to show up authentically, bear witness to one another’s journeys, and celebrate growth.
  • I believe that we are born worthy of love, acceptance, and connection.
  • I believe that awakened western women have more world-changing potential than anyone else on the planet.

The notion of a revolution from home began as a response to the disparity I saw between the importance of home and the way home is currently revered and represented our culture. It has since evolved into something much more personal and internal but no less important to me. Now, I might summarize it in this way:

The most revolutionary act I can think of is to be wholly, unapologetically you, express your soul’s truths boldly and bravely, and trust this whole self-expression as enough. You know you are home when all of you is seen, all of you is honored, and all of you is loved, first and foremost by you.

My own purpose is to hold a lantern for others who are ready to go deeper within. I’d love to connect with you and determine whether we’re meant to walk alongside one another for a while.








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